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With these complete packages you will build your online business presence. With options ranging from social media advertising, positioning in google and other search engines, professional graphic design, video and animations. It is best to have it all in one and ensure real customers and sales on the internet.

Create and interact with a community of followers, offering them the best quality content so the people who need you know you exist!


Advertising Online Management Services

Full Packages

Consulting and Technical Support


Written, Posted and Promoted

Development of monthly editorial calendar with Original Content For Your Business per Month. Distribution of Blog content through all social media platforms submitted

SEO On-Site

Custom SEO-friendly copy for all your new web pages

SEO Off-Site: Social Media

Social networks are an indispensable part of the positioning on google

SEO Off-Site: Link Building

Quality link building - Whitehat - 

Organic Link Promotion

Social media snippets to promote web or blog posts

Blog Linking, Marketing & Promotion Included

Graphic Design for blog Posts


Email distribution of latest news, promotions, and feature stories per Month.

Product or Service Analysis

Our Marketing Experts analyze your target market, clients and competitors, to suggest you the most effective way for your promotion.

Social Media Strategy

Conception, creativity and creation of publicity campaign strategies; post conceptualization targeting follower acquisition and attraction of new customers.

Facebook page creation or update

Cover and Profile design

Creative Graphic Design Post

Creation of attractive, valuable, strategically creative and personalized content for your community.

Graphic Animation GIF posts

Greater visual impact creating animated graphic design.


Creative Copy redaction for posts on the planned social networks, adapted to each platform.

Community Manager

Moderate activity and conversations, monitor and interact in submitted social networks.

Engagement Cloud App

Automated sytem for controling activity and conversations in submitted social networks, here you can monitor all interactions and keep track of new leads.

Lead Capture Cloud App

Automated system for obtaining and keeping track of leads by the Community Manager, Sales Executive or through Web Forms.

Use of Advertising Photography

With Copyright License.

Manage the programming and publications of posts

Growth of Followers

Facebook AD

Included on Posts

Additional Social Network

We recommend, according to the type of business, different social networks like Twitter or Instagram. We personalize and distribute content on each additional platform.

Monthly Video or Animation

Up to 15 seconds

Lead number growth

Monthly report and detailed stats.

Videoad for facebook

Ad Campaign on Facebook

Investment not Included.

Ad Campaign on Google

Managementng and Optimize

CPC or CPI Investment not Included.



Per Month

six months minimum time

or $1000 SET UP

1 Blog Post

2 mailing



Up to 150 likes

2.000 Impressions

of Posts

ONE social network

Up to 40 keyphrases optimized

CPC or CPI Investment not Included



Per Month

six months minimum time

or $1000 SET UP

2 Blog Post

4 mailing


12 GIF

Up to 300 likes

4.000 Impressions

of Posts

TWO social networks

TWO monthly Videos or Animations

2 ads

Investment not Included.

Up to 80 keyphrases optimized

$50 included in cost of ads



Per Month

six months minimum time

or $1000 SET UP

2 Blog Post


2 Landing Page

8 mailing


16 GIF

Up to 600 likes

8.000 Impressions

of Posts

THREE social networks

TWO monthly Videos or Animations

4 ads

$50 included in cost of ads

Up to 150 keyphrases optimized

$150 included in cost of ads

Grow fast | Next influencer


Per Month

six months minimum time

or $1000 SET UP

4 Blog Post


4 Landing Page

12 mailing


30 GIF

Up to 1K likes

12.400 Impressions

of Posts

FOUR social networks

TREE monthly Videos or Animations

6 ads

$100 included in cost of ads

Up to 300 keyphrases optimized

$400 included in cost of ads


If you need only a social media campaign, using paid advertisement, publicity content, guaranteed impressions, reach and clicks, and apps at your disposal, please visit Social Media Advertising Prices


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